Poliüretan Teker ve Parça İmalatı

Our Company has achiceved a wide product range by producing various wheels made of “HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYURETHANE”, which has a perfect tearing for heavy dynamic loads made of “POLYAMIDE”, which are used for normal carriage processes.

Coating and metal manufacturing of all kinds of industrial wheels (automotive, iron and steel, textiles, logistics, glass, wind tribunes etc. industries) are made in our company.

– Pallet-truck wheels
– Escalators Band Wheels
– Service Carts wheels
– Engaging Wheels
– Pressing wheels
– Pulley of Elevator and Escalator
Except wheel well , with our product that special molded
polyurethanes we serve all sectors of manufacturing needed.

Superior properties of polyurethane wheels and parts;
– Wide range of hardness (20 Shore A – 100 SHA)
– Resilience
– Excellent abrasion resistance
– High impact strength
– Resistance to low temperatures
– Excellent adhesion
– Cut and tear resistance
– Flexion and fatigue resistance
– Heavy load carrying ability
– Oils, solvents, water and ozone resistant
– Corrosion resistance