The curved expanders, which have wide usage ranges in different sectors, help to increase product quality and production output with great amounts during the process of wrinkled surface removal and width opening in serial productions.

Expanders (Banana Rolls)
– Textile
– Paper
– Packaing and needed for all sectors It can be produced.

“In addition, the expander can be made in maintenance and revision operations. We offer fast solutions to our customers through our spare parts stock.”

Expander (Muz rulo) Komple İmalatı

Expander (Muz rulo) Komple İmalatı

According to customer requests, different and various curved expander can be produced in our company.
Curved expander Technical specifications;
– With Polyuretahane and rubber sleeve
– With stainless steel shaft
– With drive unit
– With gearbox
– Special purpose
– With variable working speeds