Üniversal KalenderÜniversal Kalender

POLTEKS CALENDERS, are produced as classical and expandedroller, with 2 or 3 rollers, under direction of customer requests, according to the result of engineering laboratory studies for the sake of improving the finish processes of fabrics and increasing the efficiency anda quality through this rapidlydeveloping textile world.

Calender Machine CharacteristicsKlasik Kalender
– Fabric width: 0-4000mm
– Working Pressure: 50-300 kg/cm
– Working Speed: 5-90 m/dak.
– Total Electric power: 50-80 kw
– Pneumatic Pressure:6 bar
– Maximum temperature: 200 °C – 250 °C
– Automatic sewing control system
– With closed circuit oil-heating
– Metal dedector
– Hydraulic flexible roller (Swimming roller) option
– Polyamide and paper rollers driven by hydromotor
– Inlet breake hydromotor
– Edge holder system
– Static electricity receiver
– Automotic roller cooling system
– Roller bearing

Our Advantages
– Capability of contiunouns running even under hard working conditions.
– Possibility of keeping homogenous brightness at high speeds by means of polyamide rollers.
– Possibility of maximum correction of edges folding and wrinkles by the polyamide rollers.
– Achieving equivalent force distribution by means of hydraulic flexible roller and thus capability of passing sensitive
fabrics through without having any problem.
– Easily change of cylinder locations by means of special bearing system and ensuring operational varie.
– Silent running
– Availability of spare parts and after sales service.
– Maintanance and revision easiness of hydraulic flexible roller.
– Remote controlled failure determination and possibility of interfering to the failure by menas of modem.


Üniversal Kalender
The automatic cooling system that is on the machine protects the polyamid rollers from the high temparature in the
heat works and provides long usage time. By the clacks of pipe releated to the cooling system we can cool the demanding part of the roller.
Üniversal Kalender
The chromium roller is heated with closed system heating control method. Thus, the calender machine can operate independently from the plant’s central heating system
Üniversal Kalender
The machine’s waiting periads have been reduced to minimum and the metal finding inability risk has beeen
decreased by detecting metal parts found out by means of sensitive detector with multicompartments
Üniversal Kalender
The hydraulic unit, mounted on top the blocs, has a plain and unproblematic design. Silently running unit not only
lets the rollers to become compressed but also controls the hydromotor braking on the inlet fabric winder and driving polyamide and paper rollers.
Üniversal Kalender
The production wastes have been reduced by means of sewing control system, which regulates the pre-sewing and
after-sewing distances with respect to the passage type by the Control panel and damage risk, which may happen to
rollers, has been reduced to minimum by means of the system, not being forced even against the smallest sewing.