Şişme Silindirli KalenderWing differential formation on the fabrics, passing through
calender machines, is a big problem. It is possible to obtain uniform compression at different compression forces that the fabric needs, by means of hydraulic flexible roller. Hydraulic flexible roller exhibits high performance with wide and the most sensitive fabrics. In case of any maintance is needed for polyamide cover, the cover is removed without removing the roller and this labor and time saving attained.



Şişme Silindirli KalenderŞişme Silindirli KalenderŞişme Silindirli Kalender

Swimming Roll technology that allows you to increase quality and productivity to Calender machines and Patter Units. wing difference may occur in the fabric during paint or Calendering. Here the problem is eliminated thanks to the swimming roll technology.

Also Calender Swimming rolr created with this method, Without dismantling the Roller, Polyamide sleeve demounted can be grinded.

Şişme Silindirli Kalender Şişme Silindirli Kalender