Boya FularıOne of dyeing methods of fabric in textile sector is, dyeing the fabric in an open system. The advantages of dyeing process, performed in a Pad Batch, being an open width dyeing machine, are as follows; long meters of fabric can be dyed an once. Dyeing process is realized without any wrinkle. Oru company manufactures the Apd Batch dyeing machine and the Hydraulic flexible roller, which is the most important part of Pad Batch dyeing machine.”

Boya Fuları Boya Fuları

– Hydraulic flexible roller (Swimming roller) option
– Inlet and exit pulling motors
– Edge holder system
– Edge middle compression control by proportional
pnaumatic valves
– Photocell controlled winder unit
– Electronic dye-level control
– Flow-rate adjusted dosage pumps
– Cehemical tanks (optional)
– Inlet cooling rollers
– Dye tank with cooling wall
We made the other manufacturing Padder units beside the Drying Padders:
– Drying an Finishing Padder Units (With swimming roller)
– Drying Padder with Swimming Roll
– Squeezing and Finishing Padder Units
– Padders Units with 3 Rollers