POLTEKS, which was established in the Kayapa industrial region in 1994 in a closed area of 5500 m2; had previously been producing Rubber and Polyurethane Based Machine parts. Later on, it has started producing rubber and polyurethane based rolls and cast parts.

Our company which is capable of producing metal rolls of 1500 mm diameter and 8000 mm length for our customers with its machining ability, is also able to cover these rolls with rubber or polyurethane according to the requests of our customers. We become the solution partner to our customers by developing formulas special to their working environments with our laboratory and R&D skills.

POLTEKS, which continuously puts its signature under prospective projects, has been manufacturing Cylinder Based Textile Machines in its facilities in Bursa since 2001 according to the developments in the Turkish Textile and Machine Industry.
In the machine factory, we are producing %100 domestically produced Calendar Machines, Pad Batch Paint Machines, Extrusion Padders, Lamination Padders, Embossing Machines, Jigger and Tube Print machines. We are capable of producing machines of 6m height.
Our company has taken its place among the Turkish Textile Machines industry with its employees experienced in Machining, Rubber and Polyurethane Part manufacture, Automotive silent block and machine manufacture, and with its technologic machine track. Polteks is capable of producing all the parts of its machines in its own production facilities. We have machining lines for Metal and Sheet Metal parts, and Rubber Winding and Polyurethane Cast lines for roll group parts.

Our company, which has grown rapidly due to its fast and dynamic structure, has put into service of its customers our subsidiary company Oyal POLTEKS SRL in Romania in 2004 to take its place in the European market.

AutoPOL, the youngest of the POLTEKS group companies, has been producing polyurethane silent blocks to automotive industry. Our company which is capable of producing special formulas and special molds for its customers with its Polyurethane and Vulkollan product ranges, has been serving automotive main industries with its new production line. With its Technologic Polyurethane Laboratory, it is capable of performing the abrasion, tensile, life, performance, etc. tests requested by its customers. Our company which in fact has been producing for after markets for 12 years, has established a special production facility in order to meet the increasing demand and has started working in the main industries.

AutoPOL, which has taken its place in the Turkish Automotive Industry, has been producing Polyurethane silent blocks. It has also been specially serving its customers as one of the licensed companies of Bayer with its Vulkollan product. It has also been producing for its customers with “quality first” slogan with TS 16949 Quality management system.

Our company, which has been following the innovations in the sector and the world without pausing, has put into service of its customers our subsidiary company SUPERROLL in Uzbekistan in 2008, to be able to respond rapidly to the Central Asia Market.

The R&D and development Center of the POLTEKS Group companies which serve in a closed area of 7500 m2 nowadays, is located in our facilities in Bursa. The pastes and special formulas of Oyal Polteks and Super Roll companies are prepared and sent from the POLTEKS Bursa facilities.

POLTEKS Group companies take pride in serving the Turkish Industry by exporting to many European, American and Asian countries like Germany, France, Romania, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, India, Syria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc.