Mikrohücresel PoliüretanlarMicro-Cellular Polyurethane is used in applications that require high wear and impact can not be accessed in rigid elastomers.

Where the forefront of high dynamic load carrying capacity and vibration is an ideal product that resolves problems. In particular, the suspension is used as a wedge in the automotive industry.

microcellular polyurethane porous texture obtained thanks to those young composed of items (micro) spaces airbag increases its ability to compress the product showed a high rate of flexing and vibration damping capabilities. With microcellular polyurethane are no vibration problems in the system.

Mikrohücresel Poliüretanlar

Micro-Cellular Polyurethane Advantages

  • High impact damping flexibility
  • Large volume compressibility
  • High-corrective forces
  • Good abrasion resistance of
  • High resistance to wear and weather conditions
  • Oil, gas, ozone, nitrogen resistance


Micro-Cellular Polyurethane

Mikrohücresel Poliüretanlar